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Uncover Exactly How To Learn & Achieve...
...Now the kids are back at school you've decided it's time to focus on YOU.

Improve Fitness, Confidence, Stress Relief and Self Control with our NEW Daytime Program.

Smaller Classes

The nature of daytime sessions is that class numbers are typically lower than our evening sessions.

Train With Like Minded People

We are focussed on bringing in new starters to our lunchtime sessions so you will be able to develop at your own pace no matter your fitness level.

Train Around Your Work Day

While adding lunchtime sessions this will allow us to offer a full daytime schedule which offers more flexibility for classes.
Why Daytime Training...?
If you are looking for a NEW Form of Fitness, a NEW CHALLENGE or a NEW Alternative to your fitness routine our DAYTIME PROGRAM is 100% for you!.
  • Suitable For All Levels: We believe in building you individually at your own pace to ensure no-one feels intimidated or pressured when attending our classes.
  • Build Fitness & Confidence: Using a mixture of Fitness, Boxing Techniques and Partner Drills you will see your confidence boost while feeling more energetic and active PLUS A GREAT STRESS RELIEF.
  •   Learn A New Skill: While your burning those extra calories you will also be learning self defence and boxing skills taught by professional instructors to ensure you are always using the correct technique as well as working out.

Check Out The Dedicated Venue exclusive For Training Our Members

Daniel Lucas
Our Head Coach
At Twickenham Martial Arts College we take pride in building martial arts in the Twickenham area.

Over the past 10+ years we have trained over 2,000 people and helped them achieve their goals whether they are gaining a blackbelt, building confidence/fitness or learning self defence we have seen it all. 

I look forward to meeting you on the mats soon.

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